Gua Sha

Gua sha is a healing technique of traditional East Asian medicine. Modern research has confirmed Gua sha reduces pain and inflammation while stimulating an immune protective response that can persist for days following treatment. Gua sha is a valuable treatment for musculoskeletal problems. The benefits of Gua sha are numerous. It resolves spasms and pain, and promotes normal circulation to the muscles, tissues and organs. Gua Sha stretches the connective tissue and softens adhesions. This helps to reduce pain and restore range of movement. By breaking up fascial restrictions it also helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Gua Sha has an anti-inflammatory and immunity stimulation effect on the body.


  • Nourishes the muscles by promoting better blood flow and circulation to the muscles and tissues, as well as more oxygen to the cells
  • Relieves heat and inflammation that may be causing pain
  • Breaks up adhesions and loosens knots
  • Increases the suppleness of stiff tendons and muscles
  • Increases blood flow and elasticity in scar tissue, thereby potentially reducing the scars


Your therapist will start out by palpating (touching) your skin to see if there’s any “sha” (blood stagnation) present. Then, lubricate your skin with an oil or cream to minimize abrasion. Be sure to tell your gua sha therapist about any painful areas you want to treat. Remember, they may not treat this part of your body; it may be better to treat an associated meridian (body energy channel). Some force is applied during gua sha sessions, and you should tell your practitioner if you experience too much discomfort. Red marks may appear on your skin after a session, but should go completely away within a few days. A gua sha session should leave you feeling invigorated and energized.


  • 90 Minutes $130
  • 60 Minutes $90

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