The first time I tried this I was worried that my ‘defenses’ whatever they were, would become so thin that anything ‘bad’ could get inside my energy field. But I tried it anyway and there was nothing bad outside, nor, when you think about it when you’re the size of the Universe, if there was something bad it was now inside you. Fingers crossed, I did it, and again, and I noticed, and I have no idea why this happens, but two things just seem to work better in my universe each time I tried it, sometimes it was one thing but maybe the other was too subtle. No I don’t get to choose which things.

Your energy field is not limited by your body, it extends outside. How far outside is up to you.

Become aware of this field, notice you can “feel” things without having to touch them. Now expand your field, to the size of the room you’re in. Notice again that you can feel things inside this space and outside your body.

Expand to the size of your house, your street, your town, your State, your country, the hemisphere, the world. Each time notice you can feel things. There’s no rush.

Expand into space, reach the Moon, the planets including the Sun, go further, touch the nearest star, keep on going, the Milky Way, the nearest galaxy, keep on going.

I find that once I reach and fill the Universe, if I try to get larger then I’m immediately put back in my body. Try for yourself.

You can return to your body at any time, not limited by the speed of light. Doing this stretch feels nice, I don’t usually notice any effect while doing it, but afterwards, something often changes. I rationalize it as my field has grown so thin, it lets the light in, the Light from above, allowing something new and good to happen in my life.

Once I expanded my field to pay attention to Space, the space between atoms, expanding my awareness to include multiple galaxies, and I got the attention of another Awareness, she told me that people rarely approach her from this way / method; I felt that I was talking with The Universe.

As with anything, pay attention. If you notice something, then explore that, you can redo the technique any time, but getting a connection is wonderful.

This technique also helps with compacting the energy field, think of it as a Tetris game or a landside when so much is happening you don’t have time to sort things out, you’re left with a pile of rubble in your energy field. Expanding your field allows you to rotate the bits that don’t fit to get a better alignment before compacting back to a more compact form or size. Things just work better, discomfort at the energy levels fades. You don’t have to actively find and move pieces, they just seem to get jostled into a better fitting position.

Some people find it difficult to expand their energy field as they prefer to contract it, making it smoother, less jagged. This technique initially may be ‘unnatural’ to them but they understand and are more involved in the putting it all back in place phase.

Paul Rice

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