Griffo Botanicals Restore CBD

Gui Pi Tang – 60mL



Griffo Botanicals Restore CBD takes one of its most popular and effective formulas and adds full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD extract. This combination of classical Chinese herbs and modern CBD extract is formulated to calm anxiety, benefit digestion, and reduce inflammation. Each mL contains 17mg of CBD oil and 500mg of herbs.

Suggested Use: Shake well and add to water or take directly. Consult your provider to determine the most effective dose for your constitution and range of symptoms.

Pin yin: Hemp, Bai zhu, Dang shen, Fu ling, Huang qi, Suan zao ren, Yuan zhi, Dang gui, Long yan rou, Mai Men Dong, Gui Zhi, Mu xiang, Da zao, Gan cao

English: Hemp, Atractylodes Rhizome, Codonopsis Root, Poria, Astragalus Root, Jujube Seed, Poygala Root, Angelica Root, Longan Fruit, Aucklandia Root, Jujube date, Licorice root


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