Paul Rice

Paul graduated from CT Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT) on 8/2002 as a Massage Therapist and immediately went in to the Medical Massage Therapy Certification Program at Hartford Hospital, CT, graduating Jan. 2003. He’d already done a clinical program at Hartford Hospital during school so was already familiar with staff there.

Paul has worked and volunteered in Emergency Medicine for 30 years, progressing from an EMT to an EMT-IV and on to a Paramedic, becoming a Field Instructor Medic.

Paul started doing energy work starting in 1972, though not realizing it as such until 1981, able to sense feelings and sensations in others, progressing to picking up more and clearer.

Attended classes in Visceral Manipulation (Abdomen I and II, Pelvic, Thoracic), Craniosacral, Myofascial, plus assorted CEU’s to maintain a Professional standing with the American Massage Therapy Assoc. (AMTA)

We learn from our clients, a variety of medical challenges. My clients usually show up because the medical system has not cured them, some have problems working. Figuring out what is the cause and what to do to alleviate it can be the most difficult part, if it was easy then it would be gone after a visit to the doctor. So many people have been told to live with it, their expectations for massage being relaxation only. Removing tightness wherever it is in the body allows the body to start healing. All these techniques do just that, and the body heals.

Sometimes we are the patient, so I learned how to do nerve work for Sciatica and other conditions like Carpal Tunnel. Always learning.

Licensed Massage Therapist CT #003151

Certified Medical Massage Therapist

Master of Science in Photochemistry