Gua Sha is a form of bodywork originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It’s extremely effective in providing quick relief for a wide range of disorders by helping the body heal itself. It is a technique in which the lubricated skin of the person seeking treatment is repeatedly “press-stroked” with a smooth edged instrument. The application of Gua Sha dissipates stagnated energy, improves blood flow, stimulates lymphatic circulation and reduces inflammation.

According to TCM, where there is restriction in the flow of blood and energy called Qi there is pain. Gua Sha utilizes a variety of techniques including meridian dredging and acupoint Gua Sha to restore the free flow of Qi by bringing the stagnation to the surface. During a Gua Sha treatment, small reddish spots or markings may emerge from deeper layers to the surface of the skin. These small reddish spots are called petechiae. The concentration and size of petechia represent the severity of stagnation in the body. Gua Sha therapy is not trauma and the resulting petechiae is not a bruise. It does not have to draw petechiae to the surface to be effective. It all depends on the goal of treatment.

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Crystal Pavis

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