In this video, Paul demonstrates the banana bend technique using massage balls, a massage cane, and a yoga ball. Banana bending is a way to stretch out the body. This might be helpful if you were in a motor vehicle accident and are experiencing pain due to micro-tears, tight fascia, and tight muscles along the front of your spine where you cannot reach to massage.

I demoed each technique for you and experienced spontaneous back cracking while laying on the massage balls. This worked great for me in relieving some tension in my neck and back.

These self-massage techniques are so easy to do. They simply rely on gravity to apply the pressure so you can just relax into it and sit and wait 45 seconds or more to help remove the tightness. Paul explains where to place the balls depending on where you are experiencing pain. These tools work great for chest opening stretches as well. You can also work your lumbar area to relieve tight muscles.

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Crystal Pavis

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