Doing Energy Work can lead to you taking on ‘unwanted’ Energy or confronting ‘unwanted’ Energy.

The Transforming Energy technique helps with both. After using the guided meditation you’ll realize your body takes an active part in doing energy work. Your first practice with emotion or condition that you want to reduce and pull that experience inside yourself, and then you wait. Your body takes over and you’ll notice whatever you pulled inside is decreasing. You may reach a point when it stops decreasing, at that point push the remnants out of you back into the world, you’ve reduced the problem.

Continue to practice, and this process will speed up, you can take on more of whatever quality you’re working on. There will come the time when such ‘unwanted’ energy is ‘in your face, present around you, you may or may not be able to identify the emotion or issue, but that doesn’t matter, the technique still works.

There are more techniques coming to help with ‘unwanted’ Energy, and advanced techniques to work on the ‘remnant’ energy if you want to be thorough.

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Paul Rice

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