Thai massage is convenient because it’s minimalist in nature. It is practiced on a comfortable floor mat. No other equipment is needed. Oil is rarely used so you can remain fully clothed during a Thai massage.

Thai massage is rooted in ancient Indian, Buddhist, Thai and Chinese medical traditions dating back to over 2500 years ago. A Thai massage can be seen as a private and passive yoga session. Thai massage is also similar to Reiki and acupuncture since it focuses on releasing energy blockages. The theoretical basis of Thai massage is similar to acupuncture but during a Thai massage, the therapist works on the 10 sen lines. The pathways of the sen lines are similar to those of the Chinese meridians.

Thai massage also has similarities to sports massage since it incorporates a combination of assisted stretching and massage techniques. Thai massage effectively stretches tight muscles, loosens stiff joints and improves energy circulation. Thai massage is applied in a gentle manner, enabling the recipient to relax. The muscles can be stretched more deeply when the body is relaxed.

Thai massage is also good for the practitioner. While practicing Thai bodywork, the therapist will kneel, squat, stand and lunge. The energy exchange is both relaxing and centering.

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Crystal Pavis

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