At clinic class, which was off-site from the school, I had chosen a hospital to work at, a patient, approximately 70 year old male, his chief complaint was that he kept spilling his coffee, his arm would shake and the forearm pronate, or turn inward, and the coffee spill out.

I worked his entire right arm, finding tight areas and releasing them, even worked up to his shoulder. To finish it off I asked him to stretch his entire arm by lifting it up and back, which he did and as I watched I saw the surprise on his face as his arm kept on going back until he felt the back of his head. He told me he hadn’t been able to do that in decades.

I recommended when he got out of the hospital that he get a therapist to do the same on his left arm, and yes, he held a cup and didn’t spill it while I was there.

From this, I learned that we are all so close to regaining our flexibility, that we do not have to accept that getting older means getting stiffer.

Paul Rice

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