I enjoy teaching a group of people this technique because of the interaction, to check they’ve done it correctly I have to ‘attack’ their shields, letting them know what the attack will be first, all energy attacks, nothing physical, and oh so gentle. When we get to the best shield, I have them attack me, and some of them can be vicious! The importance of this is that they get to feel what happened to their attack when it met my shield, then I tell them what that shield is.

We work on creating a shield, changing it, solid shield to other forces, multiple shields, one neat shield that helps deter unfriendly entities while welcoming friendly ones, and then the best shield outside that, so they have multiple shields in place, then I tell them how to make shields become automatic, and with practice, appear faster. How many times do you think an ‘unfriendly’ entity is going to let you know it wants to take your energy?

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Paul Rice

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