Releasing Energy. Doing a variety of energy works, sometimes I take on energy and later have to remove or release it. To help do this, I categorize the energy into 5 types: Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and Pain. For me they are listed in the frequency of occurrence, for you, the list may be different.

Water is emotional energy, I can’t stop feeling stuff, and for this, I find running water, a faucet is fine, use the cold tap, if none is available and I know it’s likely then I set up a basin of water. I place my hands and forearms under running water and I let the emotion pour out my hands and get washed away. In the basin, I shake my hands back and forth.

Air is mental energy, I can’t stop thinking. I find moving air and let that air blow the thoughts away. On one calm day, with no air movement, I walked over to a helicopter landing pad, how convenient, and imagined how it would feel as a helicopter landed, and that worked.
Earth is physical, heavy. Moving is difficult. So I go for a walk, every step I push that energy back into the Earth, and slowly I get to step lightly.

Fire is active energy. If you have this, give me a call, I need some work done in my garden and on the house.

Pain that came in the first few times I worked on people who were hurting. Getting rid of it took ages, follow these instructions to reduce the time it takes. Speak to the pain, tell it that it’s not your pain and it should leave. Repeat. Imagine a door in your body next to where the pain occurs, open that imaginary door, and push the pain out.

On the topic of pain, a fun technique to use on other people who are in pain is to ask them to move their pain to the back of their mouth. Yes, you can do this too. Then I have them cough their pain into my cupped hands in front of their face. Yes, this was a pre-Covid technique as you might have guessed. Anyway, cupping their coughed breath (and their pain inside it) I gleefully rush off and find a trash can or sink and throw the air within my hands away. People are so surprised, and that’s part of it. The next surprise is when they realize their pain has gone too.

Finally, if you took energy from a client, you need to replace it, with ‘clean’ energy’ taken from ‘up there’, just imagine you’re in touch with Heaven and pull down some of the energy and pass it on to the client.

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Paul Rice

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