One of my energy work techniques is to get in touch with how you died in a previous life. If you don’t believe, it’s not something I do unless specifically asked, and then only if we’ve reached a plateau in therapy.

For this client I felt she’d been a young boy and slid on some rocks, fell and broke his lower back. She told her Acupuncturist who added some needles specifically for low back trauma, which had never been part of her medical history. It worked, loosening up her lower back, and we continued therapy, on to the next stage, trying to get back to the original cause.

One of the meridians relates to the Mind, and for this meridian, I’m not limited to the Tsubos, the specific ‘entry’ points on the line, but the entire line maps to the Mind. Once the specific location which maps to a troubling event is found, I read the memory, which had been described as “A multi-sensory record of Now” in a book about est – Erhardt’s Seminar Training. What makes it amazing to the client is how accurate the description, but that’s because I’m reading their record of their experience. I’m not a counselor, hearing someone else (me) relating your experience can help to process it, I can listen with a better ‘feel’ for the experience, having ‘sensed’ it for myself. One client had blocked out an experience but now wanted to know what happened, I started relating the experience which then opened it back up for the client, but only so far, I added what happened next, the client agreed that too had happened. I continued seeing the client, no further request to tap into that meridian. A few months later during a massage session the client suddenly remembered the incident had been repeated, she had totally suppressed it, buried for decades.

The immune system is a special case, I can’t apply energy through a tsubo, the immune system immediately steps in to prevent it, and treats me as an attacker. I have to ‘knock on the door’ and wait for a reply, then get into a ‘conversation’ before the immune system permits an intervention. Boosting the immune system has its risks, previously hidden infection sites may now come to light and the immune system, boosted, goes all out to attack the invader found ‘behind their lines’, and the person ‘takes a back seat’ as the immune system takes over. It once took half-an-hour, but the person felt much much better afterwards. Another person who had repeating episodes every two months despite antibiotic treatments never needed another treatment. This is not your relaxation massage, far from it.

Two co-workers would never let me touch their addiction site tsubo after one session, they missed their craving for cigarettes, for a while, navigated their life by their need to smoke. Acupressure doesn’t last as long as Acupuncture, which I don’t do. Reading the tsubo lets me know if it relates to the medical issue or not, and applying bio-energy temporarily boosts its activity. The client can apply their own bio-energy at other times when they feel a need to boost it again.

Paul Rice

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