Many years ago a co-worker told me she had a problem and hoped, because I had a reputation for being smart, that I could solve it.

Ovarian Cysts. Every month her period was extra painful, she was told it was ovarian cysts, that nothing could be done.

Knowing less massage but some medical knowledge being a paramedic with a Masters in (Photo) Chemistry, I did some research, reading anything that might relate, without an internet to help me. There was indeed no answer, no treatment.

The next step was to go back to the anatomy, not just ovaries, but to what was a cyst? The idea of a blocked duct somehow came to mind, that could fit the bill, and it didn’t matter too much what the blocking material might be, as there was something that digested dead cells and cell bits and other debris, the White Blood Cells.

How could I get the WBCs to be more active, or to get them to target such blockages? Targeting didn’t seem applicable; they were already doing that job, so getting them stronger in some way?

Basic stuff, but Vitamin A helped WBCs do their job. All this took about three weeks, not the one-two-three implied by this text. I suggested this method to my co-worker, and she took the RDA amount each day. It wouldn’t harm, and, finger’s crossed, it might work.

One month, normal period. Second month, normal period, it worked. My co-worker thought the problem went away and stopped taking the Vitamin A. Next period back to unpleasant. She continues to take Vitamin A, problem solved. I asked her to share this with other women; hopefully many have tried and found it to work. One other woman did tell me it had worked, so I continue to mention this, if appropriate.

Clients ask for relief when they’re not getting it from the regular medical system. Great questions. Challenging ones. Its how one gets to be good at your job.

Paul Rice

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