The practice of Thai massage is an expression of “Metta” or Loving Kindness. Deep, intentional, therapeutic touch can trigger self-healing in the body and promote emotional well-being. Thai massage works well with movement and rhythm. The rocking techniques in a Thai massage may induce a hypnotic feeling of relaxation.

Thai massage includes the application of passive stretches and postures derived from Hatha Yoga. Yoga and Thai massage have a direct relationship with each other since Thai massage teaches the body how to flow into yoga asanas. Like in a yoga class, the last position in a Thai massage is Savasana. When in Savasana, the tightness in one’s body can be observed. From this pose, noticeable changes will be present at the conclusion of the massage. The legs will begin to turn out equally. The hips may rest evenly on the floor. The receiver may also have increased breathing potential as a result of improved posture.

Massage helps to improve posture and movement in daily life since it helps to relax muscles around the neck, back, and along the spine. Maintaining good posture promotes the flow of life energy in the spine and helps direct it to various parts of the body and organs. Massage improves the movement of bones, joints, ligaments, and connective tissues. Stimulation through stretching improves proper skeletal alignment and flexibility.

Some of the beneficial outcomes of a massage include reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and rate of respiration. Massage helps increase circulation, lessening the workload on the heart. Massage and stretching promote circulation and improve the immune system as they assist the flow of metabolic waste into the venous and lymphatic circulation. Massage also helps relieve edema and swelling of the extremities that are caused by fluid retention. The improved function of circulation helps to clear metabolic waste. Massage relaxes the muscles of respiration allowing deeper and slower respiration.

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Crystal Pavis

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