The practice of Thai massage is an expression of “Metta” or Loving Kindness. Deep, intentional, therapeutic touch can trigger self-healing in the body and promote emotional well-being. Thai massage works well with movement and rhythm. The rocking techniques in a Thai massage may induce a hypnotic feeling of relaxation.

During a Thai massage session, movement plays a key role in the forms of passive range of motion, rocking, vibration, stretching, and traction. The more you receive this unique style of bodywork the more flexible you will become. During a Thai massage, the receiver may be put into a seated position. The techniques utilized in this position can have a profound effect on the habitual posture of the receiver. A safer variation of the spinal twist can be used in the sitting position. Here we can also put the receiver into a gentle side bend. Many people rarely experience a backward flexion of their spine. A Thai bodywork session also provides a place for this movement to safely be explored.

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Crystal Pavis

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