My client had injured herself doing a yoga side plank pose, twisting the loaded shoulder joints had caused the problems. She wanted IASTM work, applied to all muscles involved in the braced side plank position. Now to check out the tissues, they know what’s going on. Asymmetrical tightness in the Pectorals and upper arm muscles, Deltoids. The neck was involved, keeping the head up in a twisted side-on position, always start with a neck stretch then move on from there. Small muscles connecting the head to the Clavicles are tied to the Larynx and Hyoid, these delicate muscles will force the bigger muscles to accommodate their issues. The connective tissues wrapping the shoulders went tight protecting the joints, a fascial stretch to gently ease them out of lockdown. Tight Pectoralis Minor muscles pull on the ribs, lifting them, two on the right had to be eased back into alignment. How am I doing? Rather, how is the client doing? A Range Of Motion check for the shoulders, found tightness around the Scapulae so kneaded that, plus more tightness at the Anterior Deltoid. So many muscles, so much fascia involved, only your fingers can tell, tightness speaks.

SOAP Notes: IASTM shoulders and upper back, supine, ROM shoulder, very tight on front, worse on L. IASTM then kneading Pecs, upper arms. Neck stretch, added larynx fascial release, shoulder capsule fascial releases, 2 ribs on R side raised, sustained compression to reduce. Testing ROM, more kneading at Scapula lateral edges and anterior Deltoid.

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Paul Rice

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