The client has a recurring issue with the sacroiliac joint, maybe due to repetitive activity, but if not, then I need to look further, as local work isn’t finding the cause. Visceral Manipulation General Listening identified the left kidney area as the tightest and I applied direct, indirect release then recoil the last session a week ago. Presuming this area is a work in process, another two weeks needed, I chose to work on three ‘tissues’ connecting the left kidney to the sacroiliac area. Releasing the left ureter first, adding in fascia release at the mid-point, then stretching the descending colon laterally then along its length, including the sigmoid colon pulled superior-laterally, directed away from the sacrum. While in the area I assisted motility of the small intestine, also located near the sacrum but less connected. A left sided psoas stretch next, with enhanced positioning to get a more effective stretch. The left thigh was not tight as shown by the foot hanging directly below the knee. Normal slow release noted of the psoas. Repositioning the client on to forearms and knees, a peritoneum stretch, as recommended after all abdominal VM, pulling antero-superiorly to focus the stretch at the sacral area.

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Paul Rice

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