Hunting for the cause of sacroiliac pain. The pain had moved after massaging the front tissues, showing that sometimes the problem is caused by an issue on the opposite side of the body, but the pain remained, more needed to be done, and my fingers would find it. Looking at the client’s body, the upper right lumbar area was larger, and it didn’t reduce with kneading and cupping, though these helped. Mechanical vibration stunned the area allowing for a stretch, and I was pulling the client’s leg, but the effect didn’t continue through the pelvis, something was locked in there, a clue. Range of motion check of the shoulders, the left shoulder severely limited, more kneading and I was able to lift the scapula, then add a twist. Another clue, diagonal distressed areas are generally equidistant, so the next, lower one would be at the left sacroiliac junction. Nothing overt in the area, the client had requested gua sha, and not finding anything at the surface, I went deep and found the cause. Really tight scarred tissues, probably ligaments, three bands as solid as bone. I did as the client asked, Gua Sha at the surface, but I’d found the cause. Deep tissue massage, circular friction to break up the scarred tissue, probably needing multiple sessions. After this, everything else was supportive, loosen the tighter coccygeus, which was twisting the sacrum, kneading the legs to remove tightness for which the client would have to compensate by twisting the sacrum, including checking for range of motion of the hips, releasing any tightness there and lower, going as far as the ankles. The sacrum is meant to move in sequence with the occiput, yes, the back of the head, a deep craniosacral flow mechanism, to ensure this, a sub-occipital release, a pelvic release, and gliding of sacrum with the occiput. Checked that the left ureter, descending colon and sigmoid work from the previous session had made progress, the psoas seemed better but I found it had extended up through the thorax to the right shoulder, an easy fascial release. Finally, a good full movement through the pelvis as I pulled her leg.

SOAP Notes: Kneaded Lumbar, R more than L, muscles not release on R side, suction cupping initially dark, color washed out completely once removed, mech. vib. before release. ROM shoulders, R easy, L limited, extra kneading in area, lift, and sustained pull before partial ROM. Glutes kneaded, Sacro-Iliac kneaded, gua-sha on L upper side. Stunned when found deeper tightness at ligament level, deep pressure, and circ. fric. to start breaking up scar tissue. R Coccygeus tighter sustained compression. Backs of thighs, then calves kneaded, fronts not tight on knee bends. ROM hips, L tighter, more kneading around the hip capsule, leg does not extend as much, more kneading on L Gastrocs. R ankle less dorsiflexion, kneading R Soleus, R ankle inverted, kneaded ankle. Supine, S-O-R, Sacral release, Sacral-Occiput glides. L Ureter release, Descending Colon kneaded, stretch, including Sigmoid. X-thorax R shoulder to L Psoas fascial release.

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