Your body is over 70% water. Doctors, scientists, researchers and natural healers all agree that drinking enough water on a daily basis can help maintain good health and likely help fight disease. Most experts advise drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day to assist in maintaining healthy skin and properly functioning kidneys, bowels, and circulation — all of which are at risk when we approach dehydration. This fact has led to research into the possibility of using magnetized water to promote health and treat disease.

Water is paramagnetic – meaning that it will hold a magnetic charge. In nature, the earth’s Magnetized field naturally charges water in lakes, wells, and running streams. However, as water passes through treatment plants and is transported through pipes to your home or work place, it loses its Magnetized charge. Treating water with magnetic fields simple restores the natural energy and balance that nature intended. Magnetized water has more hydroxyl (OH-) ions that form alkaline molecules which reduces the acidity. Normal tap water has a pH of about 7. Magnetized water is more alkaline and can have a pH as high as 9.2. Magnetizing water reduces the surface tension of the water making it feel softer. It is thinner, wetter, and more absorbable, so it is better able to penetrate cell walls and deliver the nutrients that it carries.

For those of us who associate magnetism with intricate patterns of iron filings between the poles of a magnet the idea that water can be magnetized sounds pretty far out. However, there is ample evidence that magnetizing water either with permanent magnets or with electromagnets actually has a profound effect. The first practical application of water magnetization occurred in the 1950’s when engineers discovered that magnetically treated water had a greatly reduced tendency to form scale when heated. Several explanations for this have been advanced. The most plausible being that magnetization breaks up the “clusters” of water which surround lime and other “foreign” molecules. By doing so these molecules get the opportunity to crystallize and be carried along in the water rather than deposit themselves on the walls of the pipes. Although this explanation has many proponents it does not fully explain why magnetized water also dissolves old scale deposits.

One way to naturally magnetize water is to run it through 30 feet of sand where it will emerge negatively poled because of the effect of minute quartz sand crystals. This water emerges saturated with oxygen that is able to kill germs, build bodily strength and support the immune system. Water so treated will show a change of temperature, surface tension, viscosity and electrical conductivity. Just as chemicals change weight after being subjected to magnetic fields, so does water. More hydroxyl (OH-) ions are generated to form calcium bicarbonate and other alkaline particles. Normal water has a pH level of around 7, while magnetized water can reach 9.2 pH after exposure to a 7000 gauss strength magnet. This has been shown to be enough to destroy cancer cells.

Cancer is practically unknown to the Hopi Indians of Arizona and the Hunza of Pakistan, so long as they drink from their local water supply which is rich in rubidium and potassium in the case of the Hopi water and rich in caesium and potassium for the Hunza people. The salts of these alkalinizing minerals have the effect of counteracting toxic acidity by raising body pH. Cancer cells are destroyed with an enriched oxygenated environment.

Magnetized water has also been found useful in the treatment of swimming pools and therapeutic baths. Researchers at the University of Cranfield in the UK recently discovered that they could reduce the amount of chlorine needed to kill bacteria in a pool by 30 percent. Dr. Klaus Kronenberg, a professor at the California State Polytechnic University, has found that the use of magnetized swimming pool water essentially eliminates the deposits formed where the top surface of the water meets the sides of the pool. Dr. Jesse MacLean created a conversion process for therapeutic baths and hot tubs using high grade Neodymium Magnets and food grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide to create an alkaline bath and eliminating the need for Chlorine and Bromides completely.

Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina recently reported that cleaning the teeth with water from a magnetized irrigator can reduce calculus formation by over 60 per cent and improve overall gum health.

Israeli agricultural researchers found that the use of magnetized water increased farm yields by anywhere from 5 to 20 per cent. Cows drinking magnetized water produced more milk and were healthier than cows drinking untreated water. Sheep produced more wool and meat, hens laid more eggs and all farm animals survived longer when drinking magnetized water.

Anecdotal evidence of the health benefits of magnetized water abounds. Magnetized water is claimed to be energy-building, activating, cleansing and detoxifying. There are reports of people resolving bladder problems, recovering quickly from a stroke, alleviating arthritis pain and reducing blood pressure by drinking magnetized water. Many neurological and autoimmune conditions are affected by drinking magnetized water.

Revitalizing Our Water

The vitalizing and healing properties of magnetized water are believed to be intimately tied in with its “memory”. Fresh, “virgin” water from a mountain stream is full of vitality especially if it has flowed over volcanic rock which is highly paramagnetic. During its passage through contaminated soil, miles of iron or plastic pipe, and treatment plantswhereitisexposedtotoxicchemicalsitlosesitsvitality. Bythetimeitcomesoutofthetapitisessentially lifeless. Some researchers believe that the average city tap water may actually be harmful, not only because of its content of toxins, but also because it has developed a polarity which is harmful to our health. Other researchers suggest that the degradation of our tap water can bring its vitality lower than the vitality of the human body, resulting in feeling drained and tired after a shower or bath.

Fortunately, recent research has shown that it is possible to regenerate water to its original healthy state by magnetizing it. It is now clear that water has a very definite structure. A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. Because of the electron configuration of the molecule the hydrogen atoms tend to attract other water molecules resulting in the formation of clusters which can contain anywhere from four to hundreds of water molecules each. Some very exciting research done in Hungary has shown that these clusters actually have a memory and can remember and carry an imprint of the magnetic energy they have been exposed to either simply from the earth’s magnetic field or through flowing over paramagnetic rock. It is the fact that this memory is devastated on the way to the tap which renders our drinking water lifeless.

Water can be re-magnetized by passing it through pipes which have permanently magnetized. In stationary (overnight) magnetization it is important to ensure that only negatively polarized water or mixed negative and positive water is used. Magnetized water is softer than tap water so magnetization can result in significant savings in detergent and soap use. It also helps prevent deposits on cutlery and glasses washed in a dish washer and can even make hair shinier.

By standing a container of water on either the South or North Pole of a magnet for a period of approximately 24 hours, one can imbue it with specific Yin, sedating and dispersing properties or Yang, tonifying and coalescing properties. This water can then be taken internally throughout the day.

Herbal teas intended for tonification can be augmented by setting the cup of tea on a South Magnetized surface for an hour or so before drinking. If the tea consists of dispersing, anti-inflammatory or sedative herbs, then the North Pole of the magnet should be used.

Health Benefits

All biological functions including circulation, digestion, absorption, and excretion depend on water. Water is required for blood, the lymphatic system, and healthy skin and muscles. It is well known among health

professionals that when you are sick, the pH of your body is more acidic. Magnetized water, which is more alkaline, raises the pH of your body, which allows the body to get rid of the toxins. Magnetized water is believed to be energy-building, activating, cleansing, and detoxifying. People have reported resolving bladder problems, recovering quickly from a stroke, alleviating arthritis pain, reducing blood pressure, and breaking up kidney and gall stones by drinking magnetized water. Scientific studies have proven that magnetized water has remarkable health benefits for animals. Therefore it seems reasonable that it should also be beneficial for humans. Reported health benefits of drinking magnetized water include:

  • Magnetized water tastes sweeter and has more clarity.
  • Magnetized water is less acidic than tap water. When you are ingesting something that is neutral in its pH, it is less likely to affect the pH balance in the cells. pH plays an important role in cellular environment in the body.
  • Magnetized water reduces chlorine, up to 90%, through its filtration system.
  • Magnetic water passes through a magnetic field that assists in the prevention of mineral buildup in the water.Magnetized water can be beneficial for menstrual and menopause discomfort.
  • Magnetized water better hydrates the body.
  • Magnetized water can help regulate the heart function and clear clogged arteries.
  • Magnetized water helps relieve pain.
  • Magnetized water infuses energy into the body, controls bacteria, and stimulates brain function.
  • Magnetized water is ionic so it helps reset the charge on cell walls, thus promoting better circulation.
  • Magnetized water can help dissipate toxic deposits in the body’s connective tissue.
  • Acidity and Other Digestive Disorders: Magnetized water reduces excess acidity and bile in the digestive system. It helps to regulate the movement of the bowels expelling all accumulations of poisonous matter.
  • Kidney Stones: The use of magnetic water in urinary and kidney disorders has been documented. In scientific studies, magnetic water has been prescribed to persons suffering from renal calculus. An adult suffering from renal stone is advised to drink one-liter of magnetic water per day, while in case of child it is 500ml per day. Results have been very encouraging.
  • Low Blood Pressure and Nervous System: Magnetized water is also very beneficial for nervous disorders and treatment of blood pressure, especially low blood pressure. It gives a soothing and slightly sedative effect to the nerves, aids in clearing clogged arteries, and normalizes the circulatory system.
  • Asthma/Bronchitis: Magnetized water is effective in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs and certain types of fevers.
  • Healing of Wounds and Burns: Magnetic water has some qualities similar to antibiotics. Wounds washed or treated with magnetic water may heal more quickly than other wounds of the same degree that have not been treated with magnetic water. Magnetized water has been used as an external aid for washing swollen and sore eyes, wounds, eczema spots, etc. for quicker healing. In all types of eye infections, north pole magnetized water has healing and anti-biotic type properties.
  •  Digestive System: Magnetic water can possibly clear excess waste from intestinal walls and helps the body eliminate toxins through the bowels. Magnetic water may also lower acidity and bile levels reducing indigestion.
  • Urinary System: Magnetized water is beneficial for kidney ailments (removal and prevention of stones), gout, obesity (it improves metabolic activity), and premature aging. Drinking large quantities of magnetic water may help dissolve the calcium based stones.

  • Circulatory System: Magnetic water may help clean out clogged arteries when consumed regularly. Magnetic water may also help regulate blood pressure in individuals who suffer from low blood pressure attacks.
  • Nervous System: Magnetic water seems to have a slightly sedating effect and may help individuals suffering from certain types of anxiety disorders.
  • Respiratory System: Magnetic water may be helpful in treating respiratory disorders like asthma and bronchitis, colds, coughs, and sore throat.
  • Magnetized water will remove the plaque on your teeth if you use it to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth.
  • Magnetized water makes hair softer and more manageable while using less Shampoo and Conditioner. Pets Your pets will enjoy the same benefits from magnetized water that you do. They will drink more water, have more energy, and feel younger and healthier. A friend was giving her dogs magnetized water. When she moved, she temporarily had to give them tap water. After a few days, they began scratching all the time. When she started them back on magnetized water, the scratching stopped completely. There are many reports of people using Magnets to healing animals of sickness and infections or after injury or surgery. Plants Magnetized water will help your plants grow stronger, greener, and larger. In one study seedlings’ germination rates were 68 % with magnetized water, while with non-magnetized water only 8% germinated. In another study, Texas A&M researchers found that squash weighed 24% more when it was grown with magnetized water vs. non- magnetized water. Magnetized water is more solvent and has a lower surface tension, so nutrients in the water are absorbed more readily. Thus you get a healthier plant while using less fertilizer. Other Fluids & Uses Almost any fluid can be magnetized. Using magnetized water will drastically improve the taste of coffee, tea, and foods. Foods and beverages made using magnetized water will acquire the same healing powers as magnetized water. Cosmetics, facial and skin products function a lot better when magnetized. Magnetized milk will give vigor and vitality to the weak and exhausted person. Magnetized milk has been proven useful for recuperating and enhancing sexual power. When fruit juices are treated with bio-magnets, they become more refreshing and give more nourishment. Beer can be magnetized to give better effect. Magnetized olive oil can be very rewarding in the treatment of gout and rheumatism. Use magnetized water to make your coffee and after a month or two the inside of your coffee maker will look like new. The magnetized water will remove the scale build-up in your coffee maker. How to make Bio-Magnetized Water Creating magnetized water is simple: just place a container filled with clean water on a Brick Magnet. Never use a metal container. You want to use a container that has a flat bottom without any raised edges. You want the bottom of the container touching the Brick Magnet. How long you need to leave the water on the magnet will depend on how much water you have. I usually use a gallon container and leave it on the Brick Magnet for 4-6 hours or longer. It won’t hurt to leave it there longer, you can even just leave the container on the Brick Magnet and refill it as you use the water. The water will stay magnetized for several days after you take it off the mag

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