The first step in improving as an Energy Worker is to sense clearly. Responding to Energy when the ‘message’ is distorted leads to incorrect action. Each of us has beliefs, opinions, expectations, assumptions, judgments, and much history that gets in the way of seeing clearly.

Lower the Screen is used to make you aware of judgments you have about yourself. Judging yourself, you apply similar judgments to others. Feelings of shame, inadequacy, failure, etc. color what we sense. To be an ‘open book’ allowing others to see you as you really are, even if at this stage you’re willing to look at such issues before going further, you’ve started the process of removing some of the ‘veils’ that distort what you sense.

The process like many of these techniques is simple, requiring you to do the work, facing yourself, not an easy task. The more you do this technique, the more ‘veils’ you remove, the results are often immediate as you pick up on things you’d usually miss. Sometimes you’re not ready to be completely open, so don’t skip any step, take your time, allow your subconscious to speak as you lower whatever you’re holding on the screen.

Doing it in front of a mirror is a good way to start, but not crucial, as this is very much internal dialogue. Having no distractions helps, so have a blank screen, certainly not the comics from a Sunday newspaper, a sheet or towel, cardboard works.

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Paul Rice

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