Paul and I first stopped at his usual coffee shop to plan out a video. He suggested this cemetery since he used to live near it. I had mentioned a ghost hunt/massage combination video. That gave him the idea to let ghosts enter his body during the massage!

During the massage, I thought his facial expression changed like he was literally possessed. I was looking at him wondering what he was going to do next and if a ghost would start talking to me through Paul!

Eight ghosts answered his call to get a massage with two observers. There were other ghosts who eventually showed up and he later moved them on. Meanwhile, eight plus Paul were enjoying the massage, as if each of them was getting it separately. They ended up chatting! Some of the male ghosts made inappropriate comments and he gave them one warning and everyone settled down. He hasn’t spent so much time chatting with ghosts before. They were accessing his mind and memories as well as his body. They talked about new things since they died, mostly in the 1920’s through 1940’s. They couldn’t get a handle on really new stuff, limited by their expectations of the future just having better stuff than what already existed. He took them all up to Heaven just to see it, when they got around to talking about what’s next, after they had been telling him what Heaven would be based on their religious upbringing. They returned with some higher spirit friends to continue the conversations while receiving the massage. One ghost didn’t have anyone to meet her up there and was upset and worried, so he spent more time chatting with her. Nearing the end of the massage, I was repositioning the cameras, and most of the ghosts chose then to move on up, leaving three behind. At the end of the massage he accompanied them up, the one without anyone to meet her now had a crowd of friends waiting for her. The latecomers all moved on up easily.

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Crystal Pavis

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