By traveling energetically to the past, you briefly step on memories of younger you, keep on going and as you reach birth, trust me and leap into the darkness. You’re still traveling back into the past. Two variations: visit the most recent past life, or see a significant past life. If the most current, then you will soon arrive at the ending, your death in that previous life, but traveling at some speed, you’ll slide earlier until you halt yourself. If you want a meaningful life, then ask your Guides (always around, even if you’re not in touch with them) to stop you at a meaningful life. You will arrive at your birth in that life. Proceed forward or backward by changing the direction to any time to sample your experiences. Visit the life before that. Just repeat the process.

For one person, this was his very first life, and instead of having him do this process, I was doing the reading for him. God was creating him, and I was trying to enter God in the process of creation. I got out as fast as I could, picture a mother giving birth and trying to enter during that process. It was not happening. Some people want to know about a chronic medical condition. If it started in a past life, you can find that event and understand its origin. Have a fear of dying? How did you leave your previous life? Have you ever been familiar with another country? Did you live there previously?

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Paul Rice

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