This one’s a lot of fun when I’m teaching this technique, the student is so stressed out at the possibility of losing one of their ‘baggage’, until they realize how ridiculous they are being. At the end of class they usually have forgotten that baggage, and leave, a little lighter and happier.

Drop your Baggage

Imagine all that ‘stuff’ that you’re dealing with, all the ‘stuff’ you buried inside to deal with later, or not at all, and picture it as baggage that you’re carrying. You’ll need carts piled high, overflowing in a wagon train that you’re pulling along, plus a backpack and bags in your hands, the carts attached by straps to your back. That’s a lot of ‘stuff’ you’re dragging with you.

For the moment, just place one of those bags you’re holding in your hand on the ground. Yes, let go of it but it’s next to you, you can pick it up if you feel the need. Notice how you feel with one less bag. Give it time, this may be a rare thing for you to do.

 If you’re ok with this, move that bag a bit further away from you. Someone else may pick up your bag! See how this feels. Most people want to keep an eye on it, unsure of the intentions of the person moving it further away. Try further away, try leaving it and moving on. You could ask someone with you who’s helping you with this to remove the bag out of sight.

 Like it? Continue to drop bags. I ask people to do this before doing the technique ‘Ascending’, but that’s for another lesson.

I wonder if your baggage is sorted? That you could ask for all the boxes or bags relating to a specific issue. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

Paul Rice

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