Watch how a medical massage therapist works, a lot of thinking, and experience went into this, plus some empathetic energy sensing that only some therapists can do.

The client complained of twitching on the right side of her face. This was only the latest of less noticeable symptoms, multiple parts would need attention.

Assessment, both verbal and physical, often the client is not aware and does not see the whole situation. The mind gets used to discomfort and then stops listening, and conditions progress downhill.

Tightness is always the main problem. The patient may complain of pain elsewhere, but the cause is tightness. Stay away from any areas contraindicated (the blood vessels in the neck) and work to remove tightness in all the surrounding tissues, a knowledge of anatomy helps, otherwise look up pictures of muscles and tendons, and later nerve paths if no results. Fascia is always there, it doesn’t have to align with muscles, etc.

I’m using CranioSacral, just the head portion, to release tightness that originates deeper, under, and within the skull, as this impacts how the jaw connects, and it can irritate nerves exiting the brain that innervate the face and head.

I use energy work when the tissues do not respond because the brain is continuing to send messages warning of danger, even when no danger exists. I ‘listen’ to these messages and allow my body to respond to them, feeling what the client is experiencing. Just the act of ‘listening’ helps, as the client’s brain knows the message was heard. Something will be done.

I mention a couple of techniques to loosen the jaw and adjust the misalignment of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) to help the jaw move more easily with less or no pain.

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Crystal Pavis

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