Imagine what it would be like to wake up and suddenly be pain-free. That must sound like a fantasy. Society expects us to work non-stop and what does that do to our bodies? Especially sitting on a computer all day is bound to cause some issues. Who has time to do yoga all the time? Years and years of tight muscles and posture imbalances. Years of forming fascial adhesions. How do most people sort this out? Pills aren’t going to help this.

Tight fascia can create poor movement patterns, causing the body to shift out of alignment and increasing pressure on muscles and joints. You need to keep your fascia flexible. Myofascial release and medical massage are excellent at this. Myofascial release applies sustained pressure on targeted areas of the fascia. This pressure releases the restrictions in the connective tissue so that you have a greater range of motion and less pain.

So maybe it is not just a fantasy and relief from pain is achievable.

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Crystal Pavis

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