Touching to feel someone else’s experience.

When you touch someone, you can ‘tune in’ to what they are feeling, their sensations, and their emotions.

To do this, you must first be willing to experience whatever someone else is experiencing. Any barrier will reduce the quality of the awareness or block it entirely. The awareness will localize to the same body part in your own body. Injured or hurting areas will ‘speak’ first, reproducing the sensation and feelings inside you.

If that same area in you is already hurting then you will not pick up the sensations from another person. It’s essential to deal with and work out any problem areas within yourself first.

This for me was my wake-up call to energy work. I was reading someone’s palm and felt pain in my chest, it turned out to be the client’s grief from losing his grandfather two weeks earlier.

The first time when someone’s emotions break through your barriers, it’s generally an intense and unpleasant experience, naturally, people block this from ever happening again. My curiosity drove me to explore it, and later to develop it.

By reducing or removing the ‘veils’ or barriers we’ve placed around ourselves, we can see more clearly, sense more correctly, tune into the frequency better, like listening to a radio station, getting rid of the ‘noise’.

One early fear was wondering if I picked up someone else’s sensation, would I be able to get rid of it? If I picked up their pain, would I now be in pain? The first time it took a while, so now I have techniques for releasing energy, watching the videos.

Let’s have an example. Holding the Thyroid.

The Thyroid can be found in front of the voice box, it is soft and delicate so no heavy grabbing. Its job is to control the metabolism by providing hormones containing Iodine which acts to speed up using fat, amongst other things.

Gently holding the neck in front of the Thyroid, try to connect with it energetically. For me I get a picture in my mind of a vehicle, the nature implies how fast the goes metabolism. Perhaps you’ll get a different analogy. Motorcycle depends on the look, fastest metabolism. Scooter, not so fast. Bicycle slow. Bicycle with rusty chain from pedals to wheel, really slow. And it can get slower! Once the kick-stand was out, the bicycle wasn’t being used.

With your mind, fix the bicycle or imagine a speedier vehicle, hold this picture until it stays then hands-off. The client’s metabolism will increase, they’ll have more energy, and be hungrier.

Or, overlap your (Thyroid) energy field with theirs. My Thyroid tends to be faster, as the clients that come to me generally have a bothersome slower metabolism. Share the fields then let go. Theirs increases, and what surprised me, their choices in diet changed, I was told they were eating more as I would. Mine too changed more carbs, more fat, more junk food. Paid attention once I realized and corrected that.

If you want to modify your metabolism, hold your Thyroid, get the picture then adjust it, hold that new picture until it stays then let go. Reminder, when you get hungry, eat better, not more.

Touching to feel someone’s experience, any body part can speak to you, including the brain. I’ve felt someone’s color blindness, he needed more intense red to see what the rest of us see. There are addiction centers in the brain, contacting those opens up the possibility of redirecting or reconnecting the messages for a less dysfunctional purpose.

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Paul Rice

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