Energy Work is also Body Work

Your body has amazing capabilities, as does your Mind. Here we combine both in Moving your Mind.

You start with identifying where your Mind rests within your body. Chances are, it’s always been at that location, permanently reclined, watching things going on around it. I’ll ask you to move it, then move it a bit more and notice how it feels, what you’re aware of.

Now I ask you to visit a place you pick in your body and have a ‘conversation’ with that body part. It may be hesitant to talk; you’ve always stayed away in your ‘ivory tower’, but stay a while. Did you pick an injured body part, one that’s suffering?

Once you’ve practiced this, the opportunity will come to touch someone else who happens to be suffering. Your mind is skillful at listening to and interpreting sensory messages, and if you allow these messages to come from someone else, your awareness of how they are suffering is vastly improved. Their suffering body part may tell you stuff that their owner’s mind blocked off, and may ask you to ‘pass the message on’.

Remember, this is Energy Work, you do not have to actually touch the injured body part, just holding hands can be enough as your mind taps into the messages heading to the owner’s mind.

And then there’s moving your mind into your energy field outside your body!

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Paul Rice

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