I had a need to visit Heaven and tried filling myself with loving-kindness, but that only got me so far. Then I realized I’d have to deal with the issue stopping me. Tried again, another issue, again and again, until I figured out people make it to Heaven when they’re not ready, they still have unresolved issues but their time was up. So take me as I am, I kept rising, still feeling I didn’t deserve this but trusting they would be kind. Made it, and had a nice conversation with the one that met me.

One side effect, the space in which I energetically exist used to be dark, over the years it has become lighter, as if I’m bringing a little bit of Heaven down with me, inside me. I know what happens to those who were traumatized by their time here, taking some of them up there and handing them off for the best TLC around. The advice you get talking with those you meet is the best.

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Paul Rice

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