Ten Reasons Why. What if your Guides or other Higher spirits are trying to tell you something and it won’t fit in the little box that is your mind? This technique and Walls of the Box help you to expand your mind, to make it more open to ideas. It also makes you smarter.

Most people, when given a problem, provide one answer if they can. Then they stop. What if you could come up with two answers? It would take a little longer, but then you could choose the smarter answer, and be smarter than most people. Why stop at two? What if you practiced coming up with 10 answers! With practice, you could do it in less time, and with 10 possible answers to choose from, you’d be very much smarter than everyone around you. You’d also notice that coming up with 10 answers requires you to think more ‘laterally’, and to include more humorous answers, adding to your reputation.

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Paul Rice

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