Eastern Therapeutic is a Massage Therapy Practice offering Medical Massage and Energy Work in a friendly, nurturing environment.
Do you have a pain, disability or restriction?
And getting no results from the traditional medical community?
It's time to try some new methods.
Maybe the "problem" is your body's attempt to cure another problem.
Maybe the "problem" is not in the area you feel it, but in the nerves leading to it!
Maybe the tightness caused by a trauma a long time ago has expanded so much that your body finally said "Enough!".
Or maybe you've been told to "live with it".
If you want to return to health, give medical massage a try.
Massage techniques and modalities directed to dealing with medical issues, releasing tightness, helping the body to heal.

Our Services

Medical Massage

Craniosacral Therapy

Visceral Manipulation

Myofascial Release

Nerve work

Energy Work